The Lights Still Burn

After our return from a Thanksgiving feast at the church, we were undecided about what to do the rest of our day, so while David and I sat down for some reading, Nathan retreated to the work shop. David then followed him an hour or so later…I kept reading.

As the sky grew dark, I realized neither had returned, so I went out to see what they were up to. Like so many times before, I found the brothers doing what they would usually be doing with their father by their side — designing and making “stuff” out of whatever treasures the shop provided. Tonight my nose immediately turned me toward the basket load of deer antlers from which Nathan was making rings.

David’s hands were dealing with a bearing of some sort, as he was helping with their latest┬áhandmade spinners. Where they ready to come inside and eat? Not really, so I returned to the warmth of the house and my book, smiling at how much their father had rubbed off on them…and missing him.

I’m glad, however, that the lights of the shop still burn bright.

Grace and Peace

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