A Man of God

Happy Birthday, Billy Graham! This man of God is 98 years old on this day in 2016, and though the body is weak, he continues to find his strength  and hope in the Lord. Raouf loved Billy Graham, and learned a lot from his method of evangelism. He would also credit Graham with teaching him how to look at things that are relevant to a person’s life and then building a bridge with that to the Gospel.

So, today, as I thank the Lord for the life of Billy Graham and for his love and fire for winning souls to Christ, I also thank him for his influence on another man of God, Raouf Ghattas. Raouf did not preach before the tens of thousands, but his love and fire for winning souls was just as great and filled all his being.

I do not know what will happen when the person of Billy Graham passes from this earth, but I know that having already lost my great evangelist, I have been steadily on my knees in prayer for the Lord to raise up a new generation of men and women who cannot live and breathe except to share the Gospel of Christ with the lost. Oh, Lord, how we need evangelists for You!

Happy Birthday, Rev. Graham. Thank you for the example you’ve been of a life lived for God.

Grace and Peace

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