News Hog

Written Nov 14, 2015

I have a tendency (or some very close to me would say an obsession) with getting information. Much of this relates to the news or just keeping up with the hundreds of people we’ve known around the world. Yesterday, before I left work, I got an alert on my phone about the attacks in Paris. My information-getting “tendency” kicked in, and I couldn’t wait to rush home at 5 to turn on the TV. The problem was, I had to be at Belleaire Baptist Church at 6 p.m. for an Apologetics conference I had signed up and paid for a few weeks prior. It was a struggle to get ready and leave the house a few minutes later for the conference, knowing that the situation was continuing to develop in France and affecting many we knew around the world.

But I went, silencing my phone (but keeping it on vibrate) and trying to focus on what I had been looking forward to — something to stimulate my mind and walk with the Lord. As I sat back and focused on the excellent speakers, I was once again reminded that as Christians, we have become apathetic spectators in this world that is changing before our eyes. Troy Miller, of the NRBTV network shared that apologetics is not just to help us face the attacks of the world, but also to face the struggles within our own hearts. How many of us watched the news about Paris and questioned God, feared for our future, or even despaired? Alex McFarlin of Viral Truth reminded us that the Gospel is True regardless of its critics, or the length of time unbelief has persisted or evil abounds.

Former Muslim Abdu Murray shared that from the outside it looks as if Christians can’t defend their faith, and if they can’t defend it, it’s not defendable; if it’s not defendable, it’s not believable; if it’s not believable, then they see no reason to believe it. Frank Turek of shared powerful reasons that Christians should be involved in politics today, and Isik Abla gave a testimony through which I could only shed tears. Dr. Stephen Meyer gave compelling evidence for Intelligent Design that even got me excited about science.

All that said, I realized that my mind needs stimulating to stay sharp for the attacks of the Devil, because we can easily be numbed by too much news, TV, sports, activity and just plain laziness, while the world around us it dying. How many of those killed yesterday died in peace? I can imagine very few. How many Shi’ite Muslims in Beirut died this week sure of their eternal destination? Are you sure of yours? I am sure of mine, but I want to live in such a way that others around me can see the peace I have in my heart. I want to be able to give an understandable answer for the HOPE that is within me. I need more sharpening. I pray that the events of this present age will encourage you to sharpen your tools for sharing the Gospel as well. Blessings.

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