A New Book Is on the Way

I’m using this Mission Monday post to share some exciting news! My latest book is at the press and should be out soon, and I just wanted to let you know.

Are you called to serve, but feel out of place and longing for home? Not in Kansas Anymore: Finding Home in Cross-Cultural Service can help. What’s the first clue you’re in a new world? Is it becoming the minority, not being able to speak the language, or simply having people invade your space? You don’t have to be overseas to face the challenges of service. In this new book, I will show you how home can be found in the midst of change.

Serving cross-culturally is not for the faint of heart, and whether you’re reaching the nations in your backyard or across the ocean, you will, or already are, facing some challenges that perhaps take you by surprise. Moving from a high-performance culture to a relational one can be a shock, and I’ve spent over thirty years navigating the divide. Not in Kansas Anymore will address the realities in which new and established missionaries live, providing ways to be more effective in service, while less stressed in life.

From my experience in missions and cross-cultural service, I will illustrate how awareness and growth in three key areas will help you to feel at home no matter where you live or the people group you serve:

  • Knowing yourself, your support team, and those you serve,
  • Learning how to set limits and boundaries for yourself and your adopted people, and
  • Letting go with grace and confidence, whether the change is forced or chosen.

Will you join me in praying for the Lord to use this book to be a blessing to those considering cross-cultural service, those already on the field, and the churches, families, and organizations that support them? Be on the lookout for a formal press release and links for you to order your copy soon!

Grace and Peace

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