The reality of the call

A funny thought just went through my mind: “The call is strong in this one.”

While my obvious reference to Yoda in Star Wars makes me smile, I do think that there are some among us, and among those who have gone before us, in whose lives the call of God is so unmistakably clear. There is a hidden drive that compels them forward in the work of the Kingdom, whether it’s in overseas missions or a local church body, these are the people who radiate Christ, speak of Christ and imitate Christ in all they do.

Someone may come to mind for you, even as you read those words. Today, the face of Ravi Zacharias comes into view, as I just read the news of his health. As his cancer has spread, there is nothing else for the doctors to do. He has gone back to his Atlanta home to spend what days he has with family and friends. Yet, to know the man is to know one who has lived “the called life.”

My call to missions came at the young age of ten. When I met, over a decade later, with the recruiter  from our sending organization, he told me, “you have no marketable skills.”

“Maybe not,” I thought to myself, “but I have the call.” Thankfully, God wasn’t looking for marketable skills, but for a willing heart.

Photograph (5)
Using a learned skill in the Ivory Coast publication house in 1986.

At one point in my mission career, I wrote these words in my journal:

Separate what I’m called to do from what I know God can do.

I do what I can as he equips, but in the end, leave the results to God.

I was called to go. God literally did the rest. Yes, he equipped me with language abilities, the ability to teach and disciple, to love and to counsel, but these were minor things compared to His work in the lives of those among whom I served.

I did what he enabled me to do. He did what no one else could do.

My “mission field” looks different now, but my call remains the same. In fact, even in the twenty plus years of “overseas service”, my field changed multiple times and my role changed as well. He enabled me then to adjust and adapt to the needs; He does the same today.

The results are still in His hands.

Do you feel the shifting sands of life are changing what you’re doing or where you’re serving? Rest in Him and in His call on your life. Press forward in service, no matter what that looks like — leave the results to God.

Grace and Peace

*P.S. On a side note, please do remember Ravi Zacharias, his wife and children, his family and all the RZIM ministry colleagues in your prayers. I feel we are losing all the giants in the faith these days, and I grieve for the vacancy it leaves in the Body of Christ. Pray with me that we will not lose heart, and that God will raise up others who will take up the banner of Christ and live out the called life to His glory.

2 thoughts on “The reality of the call

  1. Thank you, Carol. I have read over this post twice already this morning, stopping to re-read and let words sink deep. Seeing a bit of your story reminded me of my own journey through GAs and going forward to pray with Henry Blackaby in response to God’s movement in my heart.

    I have an interview this afternoon, but I woke this morning with a feeling of dread. I am not sure what He is calling me to next, but I am moving forward, trusting Him to equip and guide and provide, hoping to be be faithful in every task. Your words brought encouragement and hope to me today!

    1. God’s timing is perfect, and I’m glad he used me to be part of his words of comfort to you. Praying for you as you have the interview. Trusting him to give you peace about doors that open and close.

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