WHAT TIME IS THIS? A Quarantine Carol

What time is this, that we should stay at home all day a-resting?

When we could be at work or play and not confined to homestead.

This, this is quarantine for virus called COVID-19.

We, we must stay at home for fear of becoming infected.

What can we do all day at home, we’ve watch TV till our eyes are crossed?

We’ve snacked so much our pants are tight; how long can this continue?

This, this COVID-19, may last till year 2022.

And we must learn to stand apart in social distance.

I long for the day of life so free, when I could go to the library,

Or mingle with the masses fair, at malls or grocery stores.

Now, we must stay indoors, for virus spreads so quickly.

We pray that this too shall end, for life to return to normal.


Written by Carol B. Ghattas, April 2020

Sung to the tune of What Child is This. Traditional English Melody, 16th century.

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