Lessons from the Mountainside: 7

Oh, how we need this word from Jesus today:

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

Matthew 5:9 (CSB)

It’s so easy to call people names, to tear down, destroy reputations, to gossip about them, and to cancel them from your life and their area of influence. The world stands and applauds such conduct and commends you for having the guts to speak out.

Jesus makes it clear that such people are no sons of his Father.

Who does he deem to call sons? Peacemakers.

I can see him looking out over that mountainside and having specific people in mind as he spoke. After all, he knew each person before they were in their mother’s womb. In thinking of his inner circle of disciples, I can imagine Philip, John, and Andrew would have been included.

Yet, we should never think of a peacemaker as a weak or hesitant person. No, a peacemaker needs an amazing amount of courage to step between two brothers or sisters who are fighting and work to bring resolution.

I’m thinking today of some of our peacemakers I see on an airfield in Afghanistan, serving as a wall of protection for those in fear of their lives. Yes, they may carry guns, but they are also carrying babies, giving water to children, and sacrificing their safety for the safety of others.

I’m thinking also of peacemakers who don’t make it on the news but are serving in the same way in hostile places, offering the message of eternal peace to those in the battle for their souls. I think of those who are bringing the hope of peace to the lives of girls, women, and boys who have been scared by the sex trafficking that haunts our world. I think of a mother bringing peace between two children at odds with one another.

Peacemaking takes on many forms, but know this—Jesus sees those of you who practice it and makes adoption as his son or daughter available for the asking.

One last thing. While the world may applaud the callous abuse thrown so easily around in our day, no one is calling those who perpetrate such hatred blessed. Peacemakers, on the other hand, are the blessed ones, and oh, what a blessing it is!

You are blessed because Jesus sees your work of peace; you are blessed because he calls you by the title you have rightly earned, and you are blessed because he opens the door wide for you to join him in relationship to the Father as a son or daughter.

There is no fence-sitting on this issue. Come down on the side of peace and know the blessing of Christ today.

Grace and Peace

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