Life Interrupted

You don’t have to listen to the news to know that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives. So many things in our world have simply come to a standstill in the midst of the effort to keep this illness at bay.

Not all change is bad. Some interruptions, I pray, will have long-term positive benefits.

  • The closing of ports has stopped ships coming in, some which supplied illicit drugs to our shores.
  • Drug trade has been interrupted by closed borders and limits on travel.
  • The same can be said of the sex trade industry, when the transport of victims is hindered by increased security.
  • Gambling facilities have closed or been restricted, enabling many to hold onto what little money they had in practice of this habit.
  • Increased traffic on the internet has made online gambling sites crash more often.
  • Inability to concentrate attention on sporting events may cause some to re-evaluate the use of their time on such endeavors.
  • The loss of public entertainment events will lead some to evaluate how much money they can save by not attending.

Yet, even with other life interruptions, lessons can be learned.

  • The temporary loss of work may lead some to take that needed rest and focus on family or faith for the first time in a long time.
  • Interruption to travel may lead to stronger family ties that Satan and society have been striving to tear apart.
  • The loss of personal security, whether in a job, money or independence, may lead to increased or renewed reliance on God for security that lasts forever.
  • The loss of health for a season, may lead to a realization of the brevity of life and the acknowledgement of God’s plan for mankind.

2019-05-15 10.37.20 1Because this is a global crisis, no one person or country is immune to the interruptions it brings. Every person will be asking the questions that really matter, whether they admit it or not.

My prayer is they ask them to God — because he has the answers.

Let this interruption count — to his glory.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Life Interrupted

  1. Amen and amen! May God work in our own individual hearts – to His glory! Thank you!❤️

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