Stripped Naked

It’s been an interesting phenomenon to watch a pastor speak to his congregation with the backdrop of empty pews on the screen. All the trappings of normal services are gone, and we’re left with just the man in front of the camera.

As we move through Holy Week in anticipation of Resurrection Sunday, many Christian leaders are at a loss.

The Church has been stripped naked.

What will Good Friday and Easter look like without the pomp and circumstance? Without the plays and choirs? Without the Easter bonnets and dresses?

What will Easter be without all our man-made traditions?

It will be focused on Jesus alone.

This year, the year that all was stripped away with the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we will be forced to ask ourselves — and show the world — is Jesus enough?

As one who has lived in countries that had no organized Church or Easter holiday, I’ve seen the bare-boned version before, and it’s beautiful to behold. I’ve worshiped in a house, with just a handful of believers, sharing Fanta and torn bread for our communion. We could not raise our voices for fear of the neighbors, but sang from our hearts. The resurrection message brought hope and encouragement to those struggling to live for Christ in the dark places of their own community.

And Christ was honored by our worship.

As you prepare to worship in your “safe space” this Resurrection Sunday, ask God to open your eyes to what pleases him the most. Ask him what he might want you to carry back to your larger church body, when the time comes. Ask him what he might want that body to change as a result.

When everything has been stripped away, what’s worth keeping is revealed.

Let it be Jesus.


Grace and Peace




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