Take action in prayer

As a person who has relied on and benefited from the prayers of believers for most of my life, I was touched by a recent email from one serving overseas. She said, “Please let me know how I can be lifting you all up as well.”

It’s not all about us, as missionaries and ministers of the gospel. 

Sometimes we can get caught up in our needs, our requests, our prayer letters and forget that it’s a two-way street. Just as I covet their prayers, I want them to covet mine.

That’s when I remembered something that happened years ago, though it would not be the last time. I couldn’t sleep one night, and two people came to mind. Not sure why they had come into my early-morning thoughts, I decided it must be because the Lord was calling me to pray.

So, I did. 

Right there, in the dark moments of the night, I prayed for these two, asking the Lord to work in their lives and answer their heart desires. The next day my dad called, and in the course of our conversation, he told me those I’d prayed for were actually visiting!

The problem was, I’d forgotten about the prayer. It was not until later that my husband reminded me of my dream. I was so glad I’d acted on it.

Do I know the results of that night-time prayer retreat? No, but that didn’t matter. What did matter was that I prayed. I didn’t just put them out of my mind and count sheep, I knelt before the throne in my thoughts and laid them at the feet of Christ.

How many times has that happened? More than I can count and even recall, because it is not something I instigate, but God. Once I lift them up to him, I can rest in peace, knowing they’re in good hands.

What God did with me, has been done to many who have written or emailed me to let me know the Lord brought me to their mind — day or night. When he did, they acted on it and prayed. I was so grateful.

Paul told the Philippian church that he thanked God for them every time he remembered them.*

Which missionaries is God bringing to your mind today? Are you praying for them? It could be a critical moment in their day where they need God’s protection, healing, boldness in witness, or encouragement. Don’t miss out on being part of what God wants to do in and through their lives by missing a chance to pray for them.

For those in ministry, don’t neglect to pray for those you’ve left behind or are even serving among. Our families, our friends and our churches need our prayers. If God pricks your mind, take action and pray. If you wake up in the night thinking about a person you’ve witnessed to or are discipling, pray for them. They may be under spiritual attack at that very moment.

Are we active in prayer for others or leaving it to someone else to handle? If God brings them to mind, he’s blessing you by being a part of what he’s doing in their life. Don’t miss out! Pray.

Grace and Peace


*Philippians 1:3.


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