The Captured Released

It was a critical issue. We were deep in prayer. Would God hear? Would he answer?

He did! What a relief and reminder of his goodness.

The printer and monitor were released into the grateful hands of our colleagues.

It was Syria, 1993.

What makes me write about such an issue? I wonder that myself, as I recall the story. Yes, I can remember all the way back to 1993. Some of you reading this may not have even been born yet. But, here we were, serving in a highly restrictive state on our knees for computer equipment. Sounds comical, I know, but it was anything but at the time.

We were at the beginning of the computer age, and restrictive regimes still weren’t sure what to make of all the new electronics coming out on the market. They weren’t in their markets for sure — I had to get government permission just to buy a typewriter. So, when our colleagues arrived a year or so later with all their new-fangled devices (think BIG devices, not small), they caught the attention of the custom agents at the airport.

Still, are a monitor and printer worth praying for? They are, if they’re crucial to the work the Lord has called you to. Such was the case for our colleagues, so we prayed.

The next question would be: And God bothers with prayers about computer accessories? He does, because he cares for his children.

When a child falls down and scrapes their knee, who do they turn to? Their father or mother. Is the scrape a big deal? Not usually. The adult knows the pain will quickly subside, but they do care for the child. Comfort and care is given, medicine and band-aids applied. Kisses and hugs make it all better.

What really makes the child feel better? The medicine or the hug? Was the medicine and band-aid hard for the parent to handle? Hardly. They’re just glad the child came to them. All too soon, the child grows and thinks they can handle the “little things” themselves. Distance grows. Relationship changes. The parent never stops missing the child.

How many “little things” have you brought to the Lord lately, or do you only think he cares for the really “big things” of life? Is anything too hard for the Lord? Obviously not, but big or small, the main thing is you come to him.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.*

What are you praying for these days? Does God know you need him, no matter the size of the problem? It may not be printers and monitors, but even if it was, he’d listen…and answer, because he cares for you.

Grace and Peace

*1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)

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