Meetings, Muslims, and a Movie

I’ve decided I live an eclectic life. That’s better than saying I’m schizophrenic. When I look back at this last week, I wonder how one person can be involved in things so amazingly diverse. Then God reminds me that diversity adds some spice to life, for which I’m grateful.

When I was called out of my office one morning to see a guest who was waiting on me, the first thought in my head was that it was the Fire Marshall. That’s what I had in mind, since he was on my calendar for the day. Instead of taking a moment to introduce myself or ask his name, I immediately began talking about our need for an occupancy number for our facility. I should have known something was off, when this man was standing near to one of the large windows I was looking to get replaced. It wasn’t until I saw an unusual look on his face that I realized he was not the Fire Marshall — no, he was from the glass company.

“Too many pots in the fire, Carol,” I thought to myself.

Wednesday was another full day, as I drove two of my colleagues to an all-day meeting in Brentwood. It was all about sustainable staff development, and I must say, the speaker was great, and I was totally connecting with what she was sharing. We came up with some great ideas for our library system and enjoyed chatting as like-minded librarians.

Another colleague helped me by driving the ladies home, as I hung around Brentwood for the evening in order to attend a dinner given by my friend who runs Crescent Project, an organization geared to helping Christians reach Muslims for Christ. I took off my library hat and put on my ministry hat, as I enjoyed meeting new friends who had the same desire to reach Muslims. I listened to testimonies of two women, one born into a Muslim home and the other who married into one, who were now totally given over to Jesus. Again, connections were made for future partnerships together. I got home about 10 p.m.

Thursday, I stayed busy at work, but was excited with anticipation at getting to go to a movie about, of all things, libraries! I obviously don’t get out much, but those of us in the library world have known about “The Public” for over a year. I sat with a colleague and her parents, so I had someone to laugh and cry with, as the movie was just great in addressing the issues public libraries face in relation to the homeless. We cheered for the librarians and their (our) desire to serve all equally and with respect.

After two nights past nine, I found myself unable to do anything but put my feet up on Friday (I’m getting old, after all) and reflect on my week.

Am I a person who simply can’t focus on one thing? You may say in reading this, “Yes.” Yet, when I think about how God created a world of beautiful diversity, I’m grateful for my diverse interests. I’m happy that I can pray for a friend whose hurting, and still be able to work with her in a professional setting. I’m glad that God uses a movie to warm my heart toward the diverse patrons I’m privileged to serve. I’m thrilled that, though I no longer live in the Middle East, God still allows me to see what he’s doing among Muslims around the world and in my backyard.

And, I’m thankful for weekends, when I can put the week behind me, find rest and get ready for the week of surprises ahead.

Has your week been full of diversity and change? Does it make you anticipate or dread the days ahead? Ask the Lord of diversity to open your eyes to the wonders of his creation through your work, nature, friendships and connections. Ask him to help you enjoy the spice in your life for his glory.

Grace and Peace

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