The sun through the shadows

Youngest son home this weekend, so I took the afternoon off. We did important things, like get car tags and not-so-important things, like shopping and eating at a favorite restaurant. As the afternoon passed, he mentioned he wanted to take a run, so I “offered” to go with him and walk — needed it after the lunch.

Once on the trail, he took off, and I was on my own, walking at my pace along the river. The days have just recently grown longer, but the sun was beginning to set. Trees and shrubs lined the way, casting shadows like a tunnel. Then I noticed it as I rounded a corner, shots of light falling on the path.

Like emergency lighting we have at the library, the light was spaced out, allowing me to see my way more clearly, keeping the darkness from taking over completely. That’s when He reminded me: even in the grief journey, you have my light; I won’t let the darkness overwhelm you.

Oh, how true. The presence of my son for a weekend, the flowers in my backyard, a call from a friend, a verse of comfort from His Word — all rays of sunlight piercing the darkness of the soul.

Yet, there is one light that stays on 24/7 — the Son Light. The day I gave my life to Jesus and accepted by faith his sacrifice on my behalf, the light of his Spirit was implanted in my heart, never to go out. Grief, trials, failures, sin all try to cast shadows and make us think we’re never going to see the light of day again, but it cannot be. My walk today reminded me of the reality of the sun’s continuous presence. No matter what time of day it might be, the sun hasn’t gone anywhere. So too with grief, the days seem dark, especially dark at first, but then that Light makes His presence known.

Oh, how thankful I am that His Light is so much more powerful than any darkness Satan can throw my way and can pierce through the most troubled night of the soul.

Are you sitting in the dark? Do not despair. Walk toward the Light that’s found in Jesus.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “The sun through the shadows

  1. Thank you for your enlightening comments, great reminders of God’s constant care and provision for us in these grief hours. Really appreciated your card too. You are so thoughtful. May the Lord continue to use you greatly. Many blessings be yours!

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