Your Rights

It’s fun to watch how social media sites like Facebook reflect what’s happening at any given moment in the lives of your “friends”. The beginning of the school year reveals pictures of children with smiles and new backpacks, while holidays show food and family. The change of seasons bring leaves, flowers or snow.

Today my Facebook page is slammed with pictures of people with stickers on their shirts or foreheads to prove they cast a vote in the current election cycle. Several had their children along, publicly demonstrating how it’s done while passing on the honor we have to participate in free and fair elections.

I’m always happy to see such posts, no matter the political leaning of the friend. I have many friends who have never known such privilege, for not all countries are as open as the Good Ol’ USA. The vote in many countries does not necessarily reflect the voice of the people.

So, to my American friends, I say, “Count your blessings and enjoy your freedoms and rights, and as you do, remember those who are not as fortunate.”

While government can give or take rights, there is one thing that no government, no matter how restrictive, can take — your right to believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The Church was birthed under an oppressive state, but though some thought to suppress it, persecution simply spread its growth. Again, the United States grants us the right to believe or not as we choose, so don’t miss the opportunity to use that freedom to the fullest for the Kingdom. As you do, pray for those who live for Christ at great cost.

Exercise your right to vote? Absolutely! But, more importantly, as it has eternal consequences…exercise your right to believe and live for Christ.

That’s worth more than a sticker!

Grace and Peace

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