When God speaks

I got a phone call today, not from anyone close by, but from far across the ocean; even so, the voice was clear and sweet and, simply put…from God.

This dear brother had been on my mind since last week, as I thought of him during the writers conference I attended in North Carolina. Yet before I could write to him, his call came “out of the blue” … or not. I was so excited to hear from him that I didn’t want to just jump into what I had been meaning to ask, so I made sure he had a chance to tell me why he’d called.

His answer? To just say hello. He said he missed me and just wanted to hear my voice and encourage me. Ever have the feeling the Holy Spirit is doing something?

Without going into details, the conversation was lovely and refreshing. He encouraged me in my writing more than I could have imagined. He told me I was missed and needed to make a trip to the region soon. Oh, the longing that brought…the sweet memories. I told him I’d be there tomorrow, if I could. We’ll see what happens.

So now, what do I do? This conversation was not by chance, but it’s left my head spinning more than it was after a week with writers and agents. I decide to do what comes naturally–write out the emotions, so I can then sit back and consider what God is asking of me.

Has God spoken to you lately? Was it as clear as a phone call from a friend? What are you doing with what he said?

Grace and Peace

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