Bloom where you are planted

I’ve heard it all my life — seen it embroidered.

Bloom where you are planted.

Some people take that as gospel, but I don’t think you’ll find it in the Bible. At least, not word for word.

Yet, today, when I saw my new bulbs blooming in the small space by the back door of my condo, I realized something. After the winter of grief, there is the spring of joy. I found comfort in those daffodils for several reasons:

  • They’re one of my favorite flowers. They are the happy flowers of my childhood. I always knew when the buttercups bloomed, winter was over, spring was coming. I had something to look forward to after the months of cold.
  • I planted these bulbs myself in my new yard. I planted — God gave the increase. I was happy with the result. I’d done the same when we moved into our house after returning to the USA from the mission field; the increase there was not the same, and I’d always been disappointed in my buttercup harvest.
  • The color in my garden reminded me that though I would no longer have flowers from my husband, the Lord would provide them when I most needed.
  • The blooming of the daffodils on a beautiful March day was a sign from God for me. “Keep living, keep serving…I will bless and bring joy.”

I think about that first year of grief. I remember a winter rose that bloomed, but my personal fog didn’t allow me to realize life would get better. I was hurting, grieving, just going through the motions of life.

Now, as I see these flowers I realize something new. Trusting in God’s guidance, I planted myself in a new place. I now have goals again for my life. I have purpose. I have hope for tomorrow.

God has renewed my joy. I’m starting to bloom.

Where are you planted right now? Are you blooming or feeling dry and faded, like the leaves that refused to fall from the trees last season. Let God strip away the hurt and pain of the past and plant you in the good soil of his Word and guidance of his Spirit. You might be surprised what happens.

Grace and Peace


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