I feel for him

I’ve had him on my mind all week. Thinking about how he’s feeling on the last few days left in the first year; remembering my days, yet knowing he will experience them in different ways, with different feelings. His grief is not mine, but still shared in some small way.

He’s my brother.

He lost his wife a little over a year after I lost my husband.

Today marks the end of year one on the grief journey.

I gave him space. I remember. Yet, I still sent a text or two, just to let him know.

He knows.

I read his post of remembrance today. I’m so thankful for his walk with Jesus and the encouragement he gives as he lives on by the grace of God. His journey brings me comfort and peace, as I trust mine does him, though through the fog of the first year, it is hard to realize what helps and what hurts. Emotions and memories crash into each other like a sudden storm on the ocean.

Yet, we sail on. Sometimes the sea is calm and peaceful, other times we feel as if our boat is taking on water. Are you sleeping in my boat, Lord? Are you there?

“Oh, you of little faith.” Just as Jesus reminded the disciples that as long as he’s with them, they have no reason to fear, so do I remember that he’s holding on to me, even when I feel overwhelmed by the storms of life and grief.

He gives us space, just like I did my brother…because he knows, just like I knew. So, what do we do once the sea is calm? We worship.

That’s what my brother texted me back last night. He was at a worship concert.

She would have been pleased. I know Jesus was.

Being on this journey has given me new understanding of what others may face in grief. Jesus put me “in the same boat”, so to speak, with a lot of other folks. Maybe he’s doing the same thing with you through the trials of your life. Maybe he wants to use you to remind others new to the same trial that, though it seems as if he’s not there, do not fear. He may just be taking a nap. He’s got it all under control.

So, let’s worship him together and keep on sailing.

Grace and Peace

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