Remembering the Reason for the Season

It’s easy to get into a slump during the holidays. So many things bring it on — a death of a loved one, another anniversary of that loss, a child marrying and beginning their own traditions, a move, a…well, you fill in the blank. My list could go on forever it seems.

Why do holidays do it to us? Because, in America, the few short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are full of memories of childhood, family and all that is good about this special time of year. They hit you when you least expect them.

A song will trigger a memory, while you’re riding in the car.

A Christmas tree ornament made by your child or given to you by your grandmother brings a tear.

The boiled custard, fudge, Christmas cookies that flood your senses with past smells and kitchen gatherings.

The Christmas cards that line your shelf, but remind you of the one you’re missing this year.

The sight of couples kissing in the mall or holding hands at church bring an ache that cannot be replaced.

So, what can I do when they hit? What turns my sadness to joy?

Him. The babe in the manger. The Savior born to die. Why is it that even as a Christ follower, I must remind myself that He really is the focus, not me? I realize it’s because I’m human, and thankfully, he knows it and loves me despite myself.

So, I have to do some re-reminding (new word) to get myself back on track.

Those I’ve lost are have a grand celebration with Jesus and are no longer facing the pains and trials of this cursed world.¬†They would not want me to be sad.

I haven’t lost a son, but gained a daughter, and I’m thrilled that they are enjoying the fun of their first Christmas. Plus, we’ve already celebrated ours together. No sadness there.

I’m blessed to have my youngest with me and to have enjoyed some special time together with him this year–just the two of us. We’ve eaten too much, but no worries, I’ll work on that later.

I made some friends happy with goodies cooked and shared this year.

I’m blessed by a wonderful church family.

Christmas is about Jesus — not me. That’s something to celebrate!

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.

I’m thankful for his favor in Jesus and the peace that brings…even on this earth.

Need something to push you over the hump in your holiday slump? Look to Jesus.

Grace and Peace and Merry Christmas


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