A blooming stick

In the book of Numbers, we read the story of how God used a blooming rod to choose Aaron and the tribe of Levi from all the tribes of Israel. That was a supernatural blooming for sure. This morning when I looked out my kitchen window, I saw my own reminder of God’s handiwork, when my very thin and skinny cherry tree was in full bloom. How so many blossoms could be on the few thin branches, I had no idea, but it made me smile.

With winter still upon us, and even grief, God brings moments of blossom. My real-life illustration this morning reminded me that He can bring good and beauty even out of the most pitiful of specimens. Because that tree blossomed, I have hope that in a few short months fruit will also be revealed.

Grief can make a person feel like that scrawny tree — small, insignificant, good for nothing. Then God says:”Don’t worry about the outward appearance, just stay rooted in me…and leave the rest to me.”

So I do. I continue reading the Word, praying as best I can, moving forward with each new day He gives; sometimes sure of where I’m headed, sometimes not. Then, low and behold, He brings a blossom and does something in me that causes those around me to say, “wow, that was great or beautiful.” It’s a heavenly pick-me-up that says everything will be alright. The fruit will come in its season. You’re still alive, still rooted in the Source.

It may still be winter, and I may still feel like that scrawny tree, but I know where my support comes from, and I’ll rest in Him till Spring comes again.

Wherever you may be in your seasons of life, go deep, stay rooted…and let the One who loves you most do the rest.

Grace and Peace

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