Me and Jesus

I never liked my birthday. I’m one of those “lucky” people who are born just close enough to Christmas that means you don’t get “as much” on either occasion.  At this age of life, I’m not really upset about that issue anymore, but it was certainly something that worried a young girl. Not only was my birthday near Christmas, but it was also always during January Bible Study week at our church. (This used to be a wonderful Southern Baptist tradition — we’ve lost that one too). So, in the first cold week of January, we’d inevitably be going to church on my birthday. Sigh, what’s a girl to do?

However, what I did not know about my birthday was something that would ultimately connect me to the life I was to live following my marriage to a very handsome Egyptian man. It is just a reminder that nothing is by chance in this life, and I also think it’s a reminder that God can take something that you see as negative and make it something wonderful.

You see, my birthday is January 7 (I won’t tell you what year), and that day, for those who are part of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt (among some other groups) is Christmas. So, Jesus and I have the same birthday! God allowed a girl from Tennessee to be born on a day that would connect her in a special way to the people she would grow to love and serve.

So, now I like my birthday! I still don’t like that it’s so cold, but I can live with that. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Grace and Peace

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