Leaving the Door Open

Written: July 27, 2016

I lift up my eyes to the hills–where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip–he who watches over you will not slumber…(Ps. 121)

What a day this has been: I started it thinking about Pat Dunn, who left this world yesterday. She was the first person who greeted Raouf and I when we fly across the ocean together for the first time. Then, shortly afterwards, I got a call from Vicky Watts that our dear Brother Dan would soon be joining the saints in glory as well. Between appointments at work, I spent much of the day on the phone or FB trying to let people know about Dan and think about arrangements.

I left work literally exhausted, and was thinking to pass by the cemetery just to “tell” Raouf (I know that sounds ridiculous) that he and Dan needed to behave themselves in heaven, now that they are together again. However, before I could make the turn to the street of the cemetery, a car honked behind me, and I saw my son David following me, on his way home from work. I told the Lord thank you for wiping those thoughts from my mind and reminding me I needed to focus on my boys, who I knew would also be taking this news hard. Nathan and I had just seen Dan less than 3 weeks ago in Mississippi.

I went to church, knowing that the prayer meeting was the best place for me to be, and it was. Hugs shared, tears shed, we prayed for one another, for the Watts, for the world, and through it all thanked the Lord for the blessings, not only of knowing Brother Dan, but of the many ways, large and small, God has blessed in the last few months. Nothing can replace the Body of Christ.

I came home to hug my boys again, and then see a FB notice about a dear family who went to pick up a newborn adopted baby only to come back with an empty car seat, because the birth mother changed her mind. Not able to imagine their pain, I was so encouraged by her words: We are not closing the door on the baby’s room, but leaving it wide open.

Wow, God is so good. In the midst of suffering, death, pain and the “momentary trials of this world”, we can “leave the door open” because of the hope we have in Christ. I ask myself if I can take any more death this year, but then he reminds me that death is not the end. Where I’m living is just temporary anyway — the eternal home is to come. So, tonight before I sleep, I’m lifting my eyes to the hills knowing in full confidence where my help comes from!

Grace and Peace

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