Undeserving Favor

Written: March 30, 2016

I do not deserve the goodness the Lord bestows on me, but I do want to give testimony that He is ALWAYS our source of comfort. This morning, I wrote in what I will call my “grief journal” that it is 17 weeks now since the emptiness began, but I know neither the Lord nor Raouf would want me to wallow in grief or feel despair, for both would remind me that I serve a Risen Savior who gives comfort and hope…

As I finished getting ready for work, I saw on my phone that I had an email, so checked it out, and found an email from a stranger. She was a woman who has been reading my Prayer Patterns in the Mission Mosaic magazine this month. She shared how she had been touched by them and asked me a question on how to get the women in her church burdened and active for missions. I smiled, and said “thank you, Lord”, and then went to work.

Around 10 a.m. I got a call on my work phone from a woman, another stranger, from Arkansas. She too had been reading my work in the Mosaic, and said that when she read the by-line that mentioned my husband’s recent death, she felt compelled to get in touch with me. She checked us out on Google, and eventually found my work number and called. She basically just wanted to encourage me and say she was praying for me. But she went a step further by asking what specifically she could pray for me about. I told her about our special service on Sunday for the 5-year anniversary of the Arabic Baptist Church and also about the Ordination Service for Pastor Maged on the 24th. She said she would be praying for both.

I often ask myself why God is so good to me. Then He reminds me that He is good to all who seek Him and follow His Son. Yes, He is good and brings us refreshing at our times of need. And more often than not, He uses His children to be His voice of comfort, His touch of love, His listening ear. I thank Him for these two women who listened to the prodding of the Spirit to step out of their comfort zone and contact the stranger. I pray that I will be as sensitive to His prodding to be used by Him to bless others to His glory.

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