My Blessings have Names

Psalm 127:3 reads: Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord. Though the passage goes on to talk about having a quiver full of them, Raouf and I always joked about starting too late in life to fill our quiver, but I have blessings enough from these two sons to make up for a house full of children.

So, today on this Thanksgiving of our first year on our own, I am giving a shout out of thanksgiving and gratefulness to my two blessings, my sons. They are truly my joys in life, and I could not be prouder to be their mother. I could write pages of why this is so, but suffice it to say (for which you will be thankful as well) that I have seen God use them and uphold them this past year in ways that have given me much comfort and helped me to know that all will be well, as we continue our journey in living.

Going through grief and loss for yourself is one thing…watching your children have to go through it is another. However, I have learned that God loves my children more than I could ever do, and He sustains them and carries them through the hard times, when we can do nothing to ease their pain. For this I am so grateful, and I’m thankful that my children have a strong relationship with Jesus…it makes ALL the difference — trust me.

Hug your kids today — or someone else’s. They are blessings from the Lord after all.

Grace and Peace

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