After a not-so-easy day

Written: Jan 26, 2016

After a not-so-easy day, God just saw fit to bless me more than I deserve by a nice, long talk over the “computer” with a dear believer daughter from Tunisia. As I listened to her tell me about the doctorate she was working on about the importance of discipleship and how she had shared with her class today about the influence Raouf had on her life, it made me so proud. Raouf and I were passionate about discipling new believers, and she was in that beautiful core group in Tunis. What a blessing now to see the Lord using her and her husband to influence and disciple literally thousands for the Kingdom. God is SO Good, and just gives me so much to be joyful about. Raouf would be so pleased to know the work he began is not going to end. I know Jesus is.

Grace and Peace

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