The Security Blanket

It is amazing how things get blurry…especially when you think there are some things you’ll never forget. Though my memory is fuzzy, I think I have enough pieces to share the story. When Raouf passed away last November, so many people showed their love. I received calls and texts from family and friends. I received one text from a colleague at work. It was Mindy, who works in Youth Services. As she shared her condolences, she said something about Linus’ blanket (from the Snoopy cartoons). It must have struck a cord, because I replied: “I could sure use Linus’ blanket right now.” That was that.

But that wasn’t that for Mindy. She took my need to heart, and when she later came through the receiving line at the visitation a few days later, she handed me a blue piece of cloth and said: “Here’s Linus’ blanket.” I cried and hugged her, thankful, not just that she was offering her sympathies, but that she had gone out of her way to minister to me. She didn’t have to do that, but she did. It showed great love and compassion. I continued the rest of the evening with my new blue blanket draped over the back of the chair behind me.

Then I took it home. As the days went by, it laid on my bed and near my chair — a constant reminder of comfort. God’s special touch of care, given through one of His children. Within another month, the boys decided I needed a cat to keep me company while they were away at school. My youngest and I had been wanting one for a while, but Raouf told me I had to wait until I retired for any more animals. He “retired” first, so I was left to my own devices — and the decision was made to get a cat. After Maggie came home with us, it was easy to see where she would end up sleeping…on my bed on the blue blanket.

Now, instead of being a lonely reminder of loss, the blanket serves a purpose that brings joy and comfort. Maggie is happy on her blanket, I’m happy with Maggie. God gives comfort through both. He knows what I need. He knows what you need too.

Grace and Peace

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