Building Bridges

Imagine the scene: thousands scattered along the sides of the mountain, enthralled by Jesus’s words but hearing a rumbling in their stomachs.

“Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?”

John 6:9 NIV

Jesus cared.

He also knew times arise when the spiritual message cannot be heard if the physical need is not met. The small boy must have wondered how his meager lunch would help, but even so, he was willing to share.

Sharing builds bridges. It doesn’t matter the size of the offering. We are to willingly give and let God take care of the rest. Where do our possessions come from? Are not all the blessings we have in life from God?

Michele Hershberger wrote:

God wants us to use our money and possessions in ways that build bridges between people and God. To create access.

Michele Hershberger, A Christian View of Hospitality.

When we share that which we have received, we open doors for God to bless others through us and then draw them to himself. We serve a God who shares. From the very beginning of time, he created a universe for us to enjoy; and as we enjoy it, we meet him there. The fellowship he has had for all eternity with the Son and Spirit, he also shares with us through the sacrificial gift of Christ on the cross.

Through Christ’s gift, we gain access to God. Now, we have a chance to use the gifts we have to build the same bridges of access for others. Our physical gifts draw them to the greatest spiritual gift of all—salvation through faith in Christ alone.

What does God want you to share today?

Grace and Peace

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