The God of the Living

Written: Dec 15, 2015

My 90-year-old father had found special comfort for him and me with Matthew 22:32 and shared it again with me last night. “He is not the God of the dead but of the living. ” This life is not the end but only the beginning of living in eternity with him for those who follow Christ.

I am posting this remembrance in November 2016. This next week will be six months since this wonderful 90-year-old father passed away. The verse he shared for my husband held true for him as well, as I know both he and Raouf are truly living in the presence of the Living God. What comfort.

I don’t know why my father had to be alive to see his youngest daughter’s broken heart that day. I can still remember the look on his face, when I walked into his apartment. Though I was so glad to have the arms of the father who was always my rock to embrace me once again, I also struggled to even allow him to bear that burden with me, as I worried he would break under the common grief. Yet, he held strong as he let me cry in his arms…strong, because he believed the words of the verse he shared with me that day.

Parents never want to see their children suffer, and I know my father hurt and grieved deeply for me in those days and weeks after I lost my husband, but we found love and comfort in one another and kept going. Now I keep going still.

Grace and Peace

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