The Gates of Hell

He wasn’t talking about Peter when he said, “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” No, you have to read the whole passage in Matthew 16, to understand what Jesus was saying. He’d … More The Gates of Hell


I have noticed an interesting trend in the last couple of years…people are becoming less attached to social media. I can’t give you a statistic, just an observation from life. I look at my boys, who did not grow up in the United States, but upon our return, jumped on the digital bandwagon mainly to … More Withdrawing

Post tenebras lux

I was locked inside the library with my boss and co-worker on Saturday. The building was surrounded by barricades and police. I could see snipers on the rooftops overlooking our downtown square. A garbage truck was parked in the middle of the street to keep someone from using a vehicle as a weapon. And still … More Post tenebras lux

No exemptions

Have you ever wanted to just “go off the grid” and hide from the troubles of this world? I’ve seriously considered it more than once in the last 50 years. It seems between natural and man-made disasters, the world is coming to an end. I have friends who have stopped watching the news; they claim it’s … More No exemptions

News Hog

Written Nov 14, 2015 I have a tendency (or some very close to me would say an obsession) with getting information. Much of this relates to the news or just keeping up with the hundreds of people we’ve known around the world. Yesterday, before I left work, I got an alert on my phone about … More News Hog