The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Whenever my Facebook Messenger phone starts ringing, I know I’m hearing from a person I’ve related to in ministry. This was the case recently on what would otherwise be a normal day at the library. Looking over at my phone, I saw the name that would have normally been written in another script, if it were not transliterated on the app.

I took the call and greeted them in their heart language.

What connects a Tennessee girl to an Arabic-speaking man now living in Sweden? JESUS. After catching up on each other’s health and general well-being, my friend shared about all the good things the Lord had been doing over his summer of service in Europe. Doors were opening to having many life-changing conversations with people normally found in his home-region but now relocated for a variety of reasons in the heart of Europe.

I listened as attentively as I could, trying to catch all he was telling me as he rattled off in Arabic about their outreach efforts in that area. Then the reason for his call became apparent, and it was two-fold:

  • He needed me to resend him some discipleship materials in Arabic.
  • He wanted me to connect a newly formed group of believers with a local person who could continue their discipleship and encourage them in the faith.

Discipleship is the gift that keeps on giving.

Why did he ask me about these specific materials? Because he’d been discipled with them over thirty years ago by my late husband. Mind you, this is not the first time he’s asked me for the material. When he first moved to Sweden, he contacted me for a copy. Now, seven years later, he needed me to send them again.

Over the next few days, I found what he needed and sent him the links. He was so grateful and talked about how my husband’s work in his life was being continued through me and would pass now to others through him as he pressed on in obedience to the Great Commission.

Never underestimate the impact you have by discipling one person.

I know I have been discouraged over the years because I always felt I could do more. I find myself comparing with those who seemingly impact hundreds or thousands for Christ. My efforts in discipling a handful of new believers look like a pittance in comparison. That’s when such calls remind me—It’s not about the quantity but the quality. When I think about this one man, I look at how many people he has in turn touched for the Kingdom. Even being the conduit for materials is playing a part in the impact he’s making.

Whether it’s as a prayer warrior for the missionary efforts of others, as a person who is able to give financially towards providing stability for others or materials for their needs, or as one who has taken the time to pour into the life of a new believer in discipleship, you are part of the Kingdom-building family.

Individual drops of rain fill an ocean. Individual contributions expand the Kingdom.

What is your part in contributing to the command to go and make disciples? Know today that your faithfulness in the effort is a gift that keeps on giving to his glory and praise.

Grace and Peace

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