The Melody in My Heart

Jonathan Edwards was an ardent lover of music. One of his favorite words was “harmony.” Declaring that the Father, Son and Spirit constitute “the supreme harmony of all,” he believed, like Bach, that when we sing together in harmony (as he often did with his family) we do something that reflects God’s own beauty.

Michael Reeves, Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith

No world religion inspires music like Christianity. Islam produces no music, and for the strictest adherents, it is even forbidden. I’ve never seen a Buddhist or Hindu hymnal, and to whom would an atheist ever sing?

He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.

Psalm 40:3a NIV

Only in worship to the God of the universe does a song rise up. It comes not from ourselves, but from him, the God of Creation himself. The God of Trinity—Father, Son, and Spirit, have always been in harmonious fellowship with one another and share their gift with us.

In Christ, we are born again into a beautifully diverse family, which forms a choir. Unique voices, coming together in glorious harmony in praise to the Father. The peace, joy, and love instilled in my heart well up to overflowing, and the experience causes song to follow close behind.

I’ve watched in awe the beauty of new believers from Muslim backgrounds learning a new song of praise to God. I’ve listened to them sing their own hymns, composed to God in their heart languages, which have never had a hymnal. What we, who’ve grown up in the church, take for granted, others long to enjoy.

I was blessed with a visit from a Tunisian believer, who now lives in Canada. We’ve known each other since she first came to faith in Christ, and I’ve watched her journey. During the worship in my church, I smiled as I saw her express her joy in song with her hands raised, eyes looking, not at the worship leader, but above to the cause of her worship. She knows the privilege of having a song in her heart.

Do you? Ask God to keep you ever mindful of the songs which bring him honor and praise.

Grace and Peace

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