Comfort in the Darkness

As I read the words of Jesus to his disciples, spoken over 2,000 years ago, I get the overwhelming impression he’s speaking right to me today. Have you felt it too? For this reason we will continue our Friday Focus in the book of John in the days ahead, but today, I want to reflect on the verses of chapters thirteen and fourteen that have been in our thoughts these past several weeks.

How appropriate that Jesus spoke to them in the night, for we have felt a sense of darkness these days. Just as Jesus had to face the cross before the ultimate glorification, God is also glorified the most in our trials.

Yet, he dispels the darkness and allows us to also be agents of his light, when we demonstrate his love to others. The question is: Will we obey?

Chapter 14 begins with a favorite word of comfort that requires something of us: Trust. Yet, when we trust, he prepares a place to which we can look forward to going. How do we get there? He is the Way.

Yet, even those closest to him had questions and doubts, and we find that sometimes their questions become our own. Jesus’ answer to Philip also reminds us that he asks what it will take for us to fully trust and believe? It is obvious that the evidence is overwhelming. Nothing should hinder us from following him, and when we do, we will do even greater things.

In the end, he asks if we love him? When we profess our love for Christ, he gives to us what the world will never accept: The Holy Spirit. The coming of the Spirit required the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Yet, the grave was not the end, and we can live because He lives.

I love the way that Jesus allowed, even one who would betray him to ask a question. That question reflected his love for the world over God. Jesus too, loved the world, just in a different way, and said he was willing to show himself to those who love him.

Thankfully, we have something in our darkest days that the disciples on that day would only eventually come to know after the ascension: Peace. The crucifixion, to which all these words were pointing, was the one thing that would teach the world just how much God loved them. That sacrifice continues to be the center for what the world must learn today.

I pray that as we continue to drink deep of the words of Christ, we will be encouraged to share them with others to his glory. Please let me know which verse, post, or part of this passage spoke the most to you these past few weeks.

Grace and Peace

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