Who Will Pray?

As a contract writer for Missions Mosaic magazine, I keep a connection with the organization and saints who worked tirelessly during my own childhood and years as a missionary to support the efforts of those who are serving the cause of Christ to our country and the nations. Yet, lately, my heart has felt a heavy burden for that same cause.

My prayer calendar and notebook from GAs: I would later serve alongside one of those for whom I’d prayed.

Who is teaching our children about missions? Who is leading the church to pray for our missionaries?

When I first came back from the field, I was not surprised to be ask to teach the Girls in Action* group in my home church, and I did so for almost two years. Even today, a memory popped up on my Facebook page:

Served the GAs popcorn and juice last night as they watched a missions video. Loved the comment Rylie made to her dad afterwards: “Dad, we’re all sugared up! We ate popcorn!” You have to love those girls.

I did love the girls, and loved sharing with them from my own missions experience and teaching them from others. I pray that my short time in those young lives instilled in them a love for the nations.

That was ten years ago now, and after several years planting a church for Arabic speakers with my late husband, I’m now at a new church and wondering about their missions involvement. I know they are sending missionaries, as they prayed over a family of five this last week who are heading to Central America. They send short-term groups and do a lot of outreach in our community as well, but what about the children?

My curiosity got the best of me, so I asked one of the pastors. While there are no “traditional” mission classes anymore, he assured me they do emphasize missions through their other classes and activities.

What is enough to insure the future generations carry on our missions purpose as believers? Who will lead them to pray for those on the field of service?

As one who relied heavily on the prayers of children and adults throughout my twenty-year career, I’m concerned we’ll drop the ball on this generation of harvest workers.

I write today without answers, only questions. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter and know what your church is doing in this effort. Of course, any effort led by the church starts with the family, and if you do something to instill a love for missions in your children at home, please share that as well.

Missions is a joint effort, and for this world to be reached with the good news of Jesus, we must all pray, give, and go — even the children.

How do you see that happening? What part will you play?

Grace and Peace

*Girls in Action (GAs) is a missions organization for children of the Woman’s Missionary Union, and auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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