Who Do You Trust?

If you answered Ghostbusters*, then you’ve landed yourself in a particular age bracket, but we won’t go there today. No, I’m talking about much deeper trust issues today.

When the days are uncertain due to circumstances outside of your control, who do you trust to see you through?

It’s easy to throw out answers, but I want us to consider that with each response, there are consequences. Let’s work through a few of the most common ones together.

“No matter what’s happening in the world around me, I’m responsible for my own destiny.” I’ve heard that statement recently in a very public platform. While in some aspects it’s true — we all have free choice; in other ways, it’s a lie. Why do I say that? Because we cannot trust ourselves. I deceive myself all the time. I say I’m responsible, but when I’ve lost my job or my house gets flooded, I can’t get out of these without help from others.

No man is an island — not for daily living or life and death decisions.

So, I’m not just talking about making decisions, I’m talking about where I place my trust. Placing trust only in self is not sufficient.

“I trust the system.” For those of you reading this in a country of law and order, that works most of the time. In the majority of the world, not so much. Yet, even in a great country, the system doesn’t always have our backs. The system cannot protect me from a hurricane or tornado. It can definitely help in the aftermath, but not in prevention of disaster.

All systems are limited because they’re man-made and for specific purposes.

“I trust in humankind.” Just as with a system, groups of people do come to our aid when times are tough or when we feel vulnerable, but these same groups have also been known to let us down, abuse us, or abandon us altogether. We see this in those who’ve been won over to gangs. They’re drawn in by a sense of “belonging,” but then used, abused and sometimes targeted when they don’t go along with the group’s plan.

Trust in a group of people can only go so far as they “want” to help you. They can sometimes help pick up the pieces, but they can’t protect you from attack.

We could continue with the things people trust in all day, as the list is long, extending from humans to things, like money, posessions, and jobs. The answer would be the same — limitations, failures.

There is only one person in whom we can trust and thus never fear. That person is Jesus Christ.

This is the ultimate difference in trusting in self, man or things — I will still be afraid of what’s to come. In Christ alone, fear is gone. Why?

Because he saved me from my past, knows me intimately in the present and holds my future in his hands.

The Lord is my light and my salvation–whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life–of whom shall I be afraid?*

When trust is in God alone, we are able to stand strong against all attacks, natural or man-made, because hope in him does not disappoint.

Where is your trust today? Put it in Jesus.

Grace and Peace

*The original Ghostbusters film is from 1984, just in case some of you weren’t aware of what I was talking about. Watch it, and you’ll understand.

*Psalm 27:1 (NIV)

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