Hearing His Voice

Have you ever seen a distraught child find instant comfort and peace in the arms of a loving mother or father? These days of pandemic and chaos have made me want to just rest in the lap of Jesus and listen to his voice.

The words he spoke to his disciples, recorded in John 15, were so good for my soul, as I was reminded I just needed to rest in the Vine. I realized that our time in that beautiful chapter served to just whet my appetite for more.

I need more Jesus. More than ever before.

Trusting that you’re in the same situation, I’m backing up a few chapters to cling to more of the words in red. I can find comfort in the psalms, I can learn from the letters of Paul, but Jesus’ words speak to me, reminding me that he knows my troubled heart, is aware of my weaknesses and fears, and above all, will love me through the mess of my life.

Feeling a little like a lost lamb, I’m turning to the Good Shepherd.

Listen to these words from chapter ten of John’s gospel:

“Truly I tell you, anyone who doesn’t enter the sheep pen by the gate but climbs in some other way is a thief and a robber.”

John 10:1 (CSB)

I’m going to stop right there. We’re only going to look at one verse this Friday, because I think we (I) need to hear it.

Just because we are in the flock of Christ, doesn’t mean we’re safe from thieves and robbers.

This may be a very literal application for some of you today. You are loved by God, you have faith in Christ and live for him, but someone has broken in and violated you, your space, and your peace. That’s what thieves do. They get into places where they don’t belong.

Remember: Don’t let a robber or thief steal your peace. Recognize them for what they are — invaders, criminals. They’ve come into your life or home and tried to wreak havoc, but they cannot steal you from God. Cling to that.

That said, I don’t think Jesus meant this in relation to literal theft, but spiritual, and this is what is happening on a grand scale in our world today.

The flock of Christ is under attack by those who would seek to draw them away from the Good Shepherd.

I’ve seen it happen. Sweet voices, slippery tactics, and attempts to play on peoples’ feelings all cause sheep to turn their heads and perk up their ears.

What’s that you say?

  • Work to win it?
  • Cheap grace?
  • God’s Word’s not true?
  • Did God really say that?
  • The Bible evolves with culture?

Recognize some of those thieves and robbers now, do you? Mull that over this week.

Jesus said, “I’m telling you the truth, these guys that don’t come by the way I’ve come, by the teaching I’ve given, are messing with you. They’re coming to rob you blind.” (My paraphrase).

Open your eyes and ears this week and see if you find any suspicious characters in your sheep pen. Point them out to the Good Shepherd, who’s here to protect you.

We’ll read more words in red next week. For now,

Grace and Peace

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