QUARANTINE: A Quarantine Carol

Written by Carol B. Ghattas. Sung to the tune of Silent Night, Holy Night, Music by Franz Gruber, 1787-1865

Quarantine, quarantine, how we loathe quarantine.

In the house day after day.

We are withering fast away.

Social distancing, O…oh. Social distancing Oh.


Quarantine, quarantine, kids at home, parents too.

Family time has meaning anew.

Quantity over quality sure.

When will this end, who knows? When will this end, who knows?


Quarantine, quarantine, church online, work online.

From a distance, we can see,

Others’ homes, a mess they be.

Life is an open book, for everyone to see.


Quarantine, quarantine, Lord, on high, what does this mean?

God alone is in control.

Man is limited he must know.

Hope in Christ alone. Hope in Christ alone.



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