Losing Touch

I’m writing outside of my regular posts, because of something that came to mind during my Saturday morning quiet time with the Lord. As I felt it was a matter of prayer, I wanted to share it with you today.

It started on Friday, when a couple of technicians came to my house to put in an HVAC system. As the new guy was introduced, we both realized we had begun to lean in to shake hands, then realized we couldn’t and backed away. We’re all adjusting to a weird new normal of losing touch in our greetings.

Like many of you, I’m so blessed to see the stories of good will, good deeds and hope in the midst of this 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. So many are stepping up in service and care during these trying times. God is using his Church universal as part of this story, as many are sacrificing to be His hands, feet and voice of comfort. With the birth of Christianity, hospitals were also born in the Roman empire, providing care to anyone in need. Thus the reason many of our hospitals today continue to bear the names of Christian saints or denominations.

This is the good in our present situation, but there is also the flip side of the issue. Of course, the virus itself is horrible — taking lives, devastating families, jobs and economies around the world. As with any great disaster, we expect the tragedies.

Yet, I believe there is something that will live on beyond the days when the impact of the virus dissipates, and as a Christ follower, I’m highly alert to the ways of the Evil One in the midst of such crises. In this one, I believe it will be the loss of touch.

We’ve seen what the virus has done in warm societies, like those in Spain and Italy, where touch is such a part of their culture. It will be the same for those in South America and the Middle East as well, as time will show.

Why does this concern me? Because social distancing, while an imperative in time of a pandemic, could easily become the new normal in a world of fear and mandated behavioral rules. 

We need to recognize the attempts of Satan to hinder Christians from being the touch of Jesus in the lives of those in need of hope and love. Touch is a powerful tool, because people need it to thrive and survive. There have been many studies on the importance of touch over the years, and I even remember a day when people could call up and order hugs to be delivered to their home.

Raouf Ghattas praying for a woman in Indonesia

Jesus touched the sick and hurting. If he is calling us to be used to win the lost with his love, we must not be afraid to touch those in need, not of physical but spiritual healing. Don’t let social distancing directives hinder you from being the touch of Christ in the life of another. If physical touch is forbidden due to this crisis, let words and good deeds make up for the loss.

Christians have always been on the front lines in times of crisis. I just want us also to be aware that what God will want to use for good, Satan will want to use for evil. Be aware that nothing should stop us from sharing the peace and hope we have in Christ with others.

Don’t lose your touch, but be His hands, feet and voice in good times and bad to His glory and for the spread of the Gospel till all have heard.

Grace and Peace



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