Have you ever thought about the reasons you do the things you do? What motivates your actions?

I know I’m sometimes prone to say, “because I’ve always done it that way,” or “because that’s the way my mother did it.”

While that may work for the way I cook a pot roast or turn a phrase, we can’t put everything off to just chance or heritage. There’s a point where I must take responsibility for my actions, to find purpose in my life.

I ran across a short poem the other day, written by an unknown author and in rather archaic language. Yet, because it spoke to me, I came up with my own version:

HisHis service is my business.

His will is my law.

His presence is my joy.

His glory is my crown.

As a follower of Christ, he is the ultimate motivating force in all I do. Because I am his, my desires should be his desires.

The goal of my life is service to his agenda, knowing that his will, made clear in his Word, is the guiding directive for all my actions. My joy finds its source in his abiding presence, and to bring him glory is the prize for which I run.

Simply put, being his affects everything I believe, think, say, do and strive for in this life.

Because of this, when I do something that does not align with his Word or serve his purposes, I lose my joy and grieve the Spirit living in me. Satan works hard to misdirect our minds and actions, and sometimes he may succeed in causing us to stumble and hurt our witness for Christ.

The good news, though, in all of this is: I’m still His. So, I stand up, confess and press on.

What’s behind the business of your life? What law are you following? Do you know joy? What’s the prize you seek to win?

Put your life in his hands today and find purpose for tomorrow.

Grace and Peace


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