Who’s Your One?

You have to love Southern Baptists — we have a plan for everything. I’m just grateful God still uses us despite our desires to put everything in order! However, I’m really not bashing them, because I’m grateful for a denomination that desires to teach the Bible and witness to a lost and dying world.

My local church recently began an emphasis to encourage members to share their faith by having us focus on just one person we know who needs Jesus. With the help of a little booklet, we are encouraged by prayer and scripture each day to move us to a point of active witness in the person’s life.

I have just one problem.

I have more than one.

I started off in this process to really put my one person before the Lord in prayer, but others just kept coming to mind.

“Lord, what are you thinking? I can’t witness to all these people?”

That’s when his rebuke comes: “Why not?”

And then the double whammy: “What’s kept you from doing so until now?”

“Forgive me, Lord.”

As the sermons of this month have centered on our witness for Christ, I’m reminded how complacent we’ve become, I’ve become, as sinners saved by grace. We’re more excited to talk about the latest sports game, political nonsense or personal purchase than to talk about the one thing that really makes any difference — the only eternal difference, in life. Salvation through Jesus Christ.

He suffered a horrific death because of my sins, then conquered death by rising from the dead, so I too could rise on the End Day and know life eternal with God in Heaven. Oh, what a wonderful atonement, paid for with such a price! How can we not talk about it all the time?

So, here I am, back at my one, plus one, plus one…praying and being ready for the opportunities I am confident he is preparing for me to do on behalf of not just His Kingdom, but their souls.

Maybe you are the one. If so, give your life to Jesus now, for there is no guarantee of tomorrow. Once you know the joy that only he can give, share it with another.

Do you have a one? Let them know about the One who makes all the difference in your life. It’s our job to share, God does the saving.

Then move on to the next one.

I’m striving to do the same — till all may hear.

Grace and Peace


*Picture from NAMB, North American Mission Board, SBC. 2019.

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