The Salt Life

I’m sure some of you can say, “been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it.” Any time you go to the beach, it doesn’t matter which one, you’re inundated with “The Salt Life” merchandise. The last time we were on vacation, I asked my boys if that was a Christian symbol, but was informed, as the dumb mother I was, that it was just a brand.

However, I’m thinking Jesus used it first…so there! And so did Paul:

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.*

I can’t seem to get the slogan out of my head this week, as I’ve been following the feed of an amazing group of college students who are at the beach, not for a typical Spring Break party week, but to be salt and light to those who are. As a sometimes cynical, middle-aged Christian, times like these renew my hope in the new generation.

I’m looking at the names of vans, such as Flying Turtle, Obi Van Kenobi, Van on the Run, and Vanny Pack,  and laugh at their creative names. They’re having fun, but it’s so much more. They’re picking up kids who are bar-hopping or too drunk to drive and carrying them, free-of-charge, to their next destination. They’re also serving free pancakes every morning.


Because they love Jesus.

Yet, the smile stops when I read some of the prayer needs of those they pick up or visit with during breakfast:

Pray for …. they seemed highly intoxicated. Pray for one of the guys in the group. He seemed sick or something.

Talking to … He’s very drunk. He’s claiming that he knows the Bible, but prayers for him that he can put it to good use.

…lost touch with local church after 16, she kinda got lost in college with evolution and all of that stuff. Also doesn’t think she would go to Heaven.

… just got out of our van. They seemed very content with where they are are in life. Yet one thinks he has a relationship with Christ and the other just wants happiness. Pray that the seed was planted!

Van vs Wild having good conversations, but spring breaker is struggling with why bad things happen. Claiming she can’t wrap her mind around faith.

Pray for … mom that she forgives her ex-husband, take the anger out and take the bitterness out. Her mom is struggling so hard with it.

I can’t help but contrast the light and the darkness of it all. Students shining the light of Christ into the hurts and struggles, the denial and antagonism. No matter the response, they keep sharing, loving, caring … in the name of Jesus. That’s when I see a highlighted post:

… just accepted Christ!

A girl named … gave her life to Christ tonight!

That’s where the salt has done its job, making the sin evident by the convicting work of the Holy Spirit. Without those willing to sprinkle the salt, the Spirit can’t move.

Thank you, Lord, for these students, from campuses all across our state, who are living The Salt Life this week to your glory. Bless them, protect them, and give them much fruit for their labors. Help us, dear Lord, to live that life of Salt as well.

Grace and Peace


*Colossians 4:6 (NIV)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Praying for these brave young people who are sharing Christ’s love and message of salvation!

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