What if I’m not able to stop worrying?

Read Luke 12:22-34.

He’d just finished telling a parable. He was trying to put an end to an argument over inheritance. The point made: Be rich towards God, not yourself.

Always wanting to make sure his disciples understood (since they could be dense), he explained further. The point in simple language was to stop worrying about life, what you’ll eat, what you’ll wear. God’s going to take care of you. He takes care of the birds, doesn’t he?

And anyway, “who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”

If we don’t have control over the minutes to come, why worry about the rest?

From the birds, he points to flowers. Their beauty and growth is not dependent on themselves, but on God. And if we look at the lily, isn’t it obvious that God does a pretty good job in blessing them with color and beauty.

If God takes cares of birds and flowers, which don’t last long, won’t he provide for us?

Then he goes to the crux of the matter by saying, “O you of little faith!”

My worrying, my doubt at his provision makes me no different from those who have no faith in God to begin with. Because, like them, I’m running around trying to make sure I’ve got enough food stored up, enough clothes in my closet, enough money in my bank account. All my thoughts end up focused on these temporary things of the earthly life.

When I listen to his words and put my faith in him, not only for salvation, but for my every day needs, I’m not stressed, I’m not overworking myself and skipping my quiet time or church to pad the bank. I’m not trying to keep up with the Joneses or any other family that seems to “have it all.” We forget, most have lost their soul in gaining the world.

By calling his disciples “little flock”, he’s reminding them that they are under the Shepherd’s care, and God is so pleased to give them the kingdom. We, as followers of Christ, are also part of that same flock and care.

If I find that I can’t stop worrying, then I need to re-evaluate where my treasure lies. That fundamental lack of faith, may be a clue that I haven’t truly put my faith in Christ alone. Now is the time to put my heart where my treasure is, and stop worrying.

Since I can’t add an hour to my life, why live as though I could?

Where’s your treasure? Who’s your treasure? Stop worrying and rest in his good care.

2 thoughts on “What if I’m not able to stop worrying?

  1. So much to take away from your last few questions!

    “If I find that I can’t stop worrying, then I need to re-evaluate where my treasure lies.” – I find this very powerful.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. It’s a challenge for us all, but I do find that I’m beginning to recognize Satan’s attack through worry as I grow in my faith. Thank you for sharing your encouragement.

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