What if…

Following Jesus is not easy. It’s joyful, wonderful, full of blessings, but not necessarily easy. He never said it would be, but he did say he would be with us. I’m so grateful for that!

During his short time on this earth, Jesus shared with his followers (which includes those present and those to come–us) the result of choosing the narrow way. Many of us have studied his parables–those easy-to-remember stories that carried a spiritual truth and life lesson. However, there are some other ways he taught those around him. I call them the “what if” challenges.

Some of them are really hard to swallow or even seem harsh, but if read in the context of the conversation, they are very clear as to what he expects of us.

Will you join with me, as I journey through the words of our Lord? My prayer is that you and I will both experience God in new and exciting ways, as we take the dare into the “what if’s” of Jesus.

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  1. I’m starting some posts dealing with the “what if” statements of Jesus. I would be very pleased if you give me your feedback as to what you think. Thank you all!

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