When the pews are empty

According to the world, bigger is better. If the crowd is doing it, so should we. If my needs are not met 100%, then I should get up and leave. If it makes me uncomfortable, I should protest or seek out a place more tolerant and appeasing.

What would make a person want to continue to attend a meeting where there are more empty pews than full? For me, it’s this verse:

Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. (Matthew 18:20)

I asked myself some questions today as we worshiped in our small gathering:

Is my heart ready to hear from God today?

Am I focused more on the worship leaders and type of music or on internalizing the words I’m singing and lifting them to God.

Do I remember what was preached once I leave the building?

Did I speak to anyone this morning? Did anyone speak to me?

I smile as I write this, because I can truly say I was blessed today by our gathering. God was present, and His Spirit touched my heart. Even as I translated for the pastor, I was moved by what I heard. I sent him a text following the service and told him that God spoke so clearly through him today. I spoke to several before and after the service, but then realized I missed a few, so sent them messages as well.

Do I sometimes long for the big, the organized, the crowded? Yes, I admit, I find myself wanting to be just one of many who can choose to serve…or not. But that’s not where God has me, and I’m not sorry. I’m blessed….even when the pews are empty. Are you?

Grace and Peace


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