The Little Details …

I spent the last three hours working on getting addresses for my son’s wedding invitations. I never knew it would take so long, but when you’ve got friends and family all around the world, it just does. However, in that mundane task of trying to collection information, God gave a blessing.

I was connecting with Tunisian friends who now live in Canada. I asked for the address, we began chatting on Messenger. They sang a song in their church today that reminded her of the one we used to sing in Arabic in the church that met in our home in Tunis. Could I send it to her? I quickly sent her the PowerPoint version, a copy of our songbook from our current church and even the one we had in Tunis!

All that efficiency got us reminiscing even more, and when she sent me a picture of her and her husband lighting the advent candles in her church last Christmas, I felt tears come to my eyes. How many years had gone by since that first day she wandered into an empty church in downtown Tunis, only to find a group of believers (including my husband) praying. She met Jesus that day, and the rest is history.

I told her how proud my husband would be to see them serving the Body of Christ in Canada. Then she wrote: If I tell you about the little details we see now, that God so perfectly planned to get us here, in the church we’re in, in the types of jobs we’re doing, etc etc, it would make a book probably.

How many times do we get upset by those “little details” of life that just seem to mess things up. Something doesn’t work out the way we think it should, and we quickly lose faith in God’s direction. Yet, when we look back at the little details of our life, can we not just praise God that He was at work in every one? Sometimes, it’s a detail that He allowed because we needed rebuking or correcting over sin. Sometimes, it’s a detail He brought to pass supernaturally, because we were incapable of doing it ourselves. Sometimes, it’s just in accomplishing an ordinary task — like getting addresses — that He allows us to have a special serendipity to bless our day. He’s in the details.

How are you handling the details of life? Are they tripping you up, or are you looking for the Divine in each one? Think of pieces of a puzzle…so hard to see the big picture when you’re too focused on one piece. Let Him take care of the pieces, knowing that He’s the one who designed the picture!

Grace and Peace

3 thoughts on “The Little Details …

  1. It’s been exactly 17 years and a month. It was a Saturday in Ramadan. I was on my home from university. I rarely went to university on Saturdays… I just did that day! 🙂
    One of the other Saturdays I went to university, I met my husband 🙂

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