When There are No Answers

Written: Sept. 10, 2016

As followers of Christ, we talk about faith and obedience and trust, but many times fail to reflect that to the world around us when things don’t make sense. Maybe it’s a sudden illness or even death, maybe it’s the loss of a job or a wayward child. Perhaps it’s just that you got reprimanded at work or insulted by a friend. Or, for some of us, it’s the senseless violence and killing going on in our world today.

We can and should cry out to God with our hurts and trials, as it is the way we show our reliance on Him alone. However, when there are questions that remain unanswered, we have to fall back on the bedrock of our faith — He alone is Sovereign. Are we trusting in a God who “makes everything go our way” or are we truly trusting in the Creator of the Universe?

When we struggle with the hard issues of life, go back and read Job 38-42 and be humbled by our God who is above all, knows all, rules all, and still chooses to love us enough to send His Son to die for our sin that we might be restored to relationship with Him. This is the One in whom we can rest — even when we don’t have the answers. This is the One in whom we find peace that surpasses ALL understanding. Praise God, praise Him alone and find peace.

Grace and Peace


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