I know Who Holds Tomorrow

Written: May 24, 2016

One year ago today my family was enjoying a beautiful trip to the British Isles in celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary and Nathan’s graduation from high school. Six months ago, I left for work and never to hear my love’s voice again. One week ago, I said goodbye to the man who has been the rock of my life and greatest father ever.

The day my father died, I wrote on the last page of a journal my dear boss, Rita Shacklett gave me to help me in my grief. I began the next day in a journal my sister, Debbie Crocker gave me for the same reason. I never thought I’d have to use the pages to express my grief over two of the dearest men in my life.

However, the verse that started the first began the second: Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.” (1 Samuel 7:12). It seems I just have to keep placing those stones to allow the Lord to remind me that He is there.

I’ve had many reasons in the last week to lean on His help, and He has been so, so faithful. Having my dear boys with me these past few weeks has been a huge source of comfort and help from the Lord. I cannot thank the Lord enough for how He’s using them to his glory. I know their dad and granddad would be proud.

I’ve also especially enjoyed the news of new births among friends and holding babies. What a reminder from God of how beautiful are the expressions of His creation. I thank the Lord for Soleil Ray Anis, Ella Hallfrisch, Mena Salib, Shiloh and Silas Kinder, and for the new spiritual child – McKinley Shannon. I’m also looking forward to three new arrivals within our Arabic Baptist Church family! Raouf would be so happy to see these new lives.

So, the Lord teaches me to number my days, for I have no idea what tomorrow may bring, but I do know Who holds MY tomorrow! Help me, Lord to face each day in your grace.

Grace and Peace

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