Written April 17, 2016

I had the privilege tonight of sitting in on the ordination counsel of Pastor Maged Danyal Boles, since I served as translator. I think it was from the Lord, because it allowed me to listen first-hand to the responses of the man the Lord and Raouf had prepared for just such a moment. Raouf would have been proud for several reasons:

First of all, the counsel was not your typical Southern Baptist gathering of pastors to test a new pastor, but a group of several nationalities, which I believe is a beautiful example of heaven and the changing nature of the American church. At times three languages were being spoken simultaneously, as Arabic, English and Spanish was flowing through the room. I know Raouf would be happy to know that Brothers William H Burton and Kevin Minchey arranged for this mixed group to question Maged.

Second, I think Raouf would have been pleased to hear how the Hispanic pastors were very concerned as to how Pastor Maged would keep the church strong against the attacks the American church is facing in our day. This is just another indication that God is using the “ethnic” churches to become the bulwark against the attempts by secular forces to bring down the church in our nation.

Third, and finally, I believe tonight would have pleased my dear husband the most in hearing the clear and determined responses of Pastor Maged to the questions he faced. When asked if there has ever been a time when you have relied utterly and completely on God, Maged was able to give not just one but many examples of walking by faith, not by sight.

I thank the Lord for allowing me this glimpse into what He is doing not only in the life of Pastor Maged or in that of the Arabic Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, but in the life of the churches in our state and country.

Grace and Peace

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