It’s the Little Things

Way back in January of 2016, my eldest son gave me a Wendy’s mini Frosty gift tag. It has enabled me to get a free mini Frosty anytime I want throughout the entire year! I have not used it as much as I could have, for which my hips are probably grateful, but I have given into the urge several times.

In our 80 degree November days, I found myself driving toward Wendy’s one evening when I was feeling a bit down. I gave the voice at the drive through my order, including the extra freebie Frosty. When I arrived at the window, she was finishing the last of three baby Frosty’s. I thought perhaps the people behind me had ordered the same, but she soon started handing one after the other to me. I told her I only ordered one, but she said: “That’s OK, you can have them all. Put them in the freezer.”

I thought, OK, that makes sense. I can do that and enjoy them later. I did put them in the freezer, and as I pulled one after the other out over the next week, I thought about the serendipities we receive from the Lord. The grace we receive is the ultimate one — we didn’t deserve it, and we did nothing to earn it. It was freely given. I’ll relate that to my “free Frosty tag” for 2016. It comes every day, once I, by faith, confess my belief in Christ and accept his Lordship in my life.

Yet, because I have that initial grace, I also reap benefits from being in relationship with the Lord of lords and King of kings. I’ll relate this to my “extra Frosties”. It is truly enough for me to know that I will one day live eternally with Him in Heaven because of the sacrificial work of Christ on my behalf, but God is such a generous God that He loves to show His favor on His children, and blesses us with so many “extras” in this life.

While the Frosties were my earthly extras, I see God’s blessings in so many ways, even of recent days, as I’ve had conversations with my “spiritual children” around this world. They are my extra blessings, along with my sons, who continually give me reasons to be proud to be called their mother. I’m blessed by the sunshine and by caring friends. I’m blessed by my church family and my earthly family…and so much more.

So, it’s the little things that remind us that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and not only cares for us, but loves to be generous to us in so many ways. Don’t overlook the little things that show you His love for you.

Grace and Peace

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