Sister Widows

I love my family — the one I was born into, and the one I married into. Visiting family was really my main focus in making a trip to Egypt. I am so grateful that my boys had six wonderful years of living near their father’s sisters and extended family, and they were just as … More Sister Widows


In this year of “firsts”, I felt my last great challenge was returning with my sons to visit the last place we lived overseas as a complete family — Egypt. Not only was this the place we had lived the longest during our 20 years overseas, but it was also my husband’s native land. We … More Returning

The Escape

Written: July 17, 2016 Yesterday, I had a new experience in life — I participated in escaping from a room with a group of ten people. I did this because it was my sister’s birthday, and I wouldn’t want to do anything to damper her birthday — and I had fun, I must admit. However, … More The Escape

The Road Trip

Written: July 5, 2016 I have to post one more last picture before I stop talking about my weekend. This is of Nathan Ghattas, my traveling partner, my son. When I made plans to travel so many months ago, Nathan willingly agreed to go — no clue of what was ahead. I’ve dragged him through … More The Road Trip

Missing Fathers

Written: June 19, 2016 Though I know I’m not the only one missing my dad this Father’s Day, I realized only just yesterday that on this particular Father’s Day both my boys and myself would both be experiencing the first Father’s Day without our father. Wow, that came as a shock. While I’ve enjoyed 52 … More Missing Fathers

Another Good-bye

Written May 15, 2016 It’s been a hard week, as we’ve said goodbye to my dad, Tom Brown. As the five of his children were together, with grandchildren and great grandchildren too numerous to count, my brother Steve Brown made the comment that the five of us all remember Dad in a different way, as we lived … More Another Good-bye