Bless the children

No Christmas would be complete without hearing children sing Away in a Manger.* Their sweet voices tell the story of the baby Jesus in a stable bed, not making a sound, with the softly lowing animals by his side. It’s a perfect picture…until it’s not. A child stands still, without singing, furious that his parents make … More Bless the children


Growing up in an area that is both the South and heart of the Bible Belt, many of our expressions have biblical foundations. Some of my favorites are “Bless your heart”, “Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise” (which I taught my ESL class) and “Glory be!” The meaning of these can vary depending on … More Glory!

Go and tell it

As a child, I loved the song Go, Tell It on the Mountain*, maybe because it seemed more modern than some of the other carols and had a great, spirited chorus. It made you want to get up and go tell the story of Christ’s birth. Go, tell it on the mountain, over the hills and ev’ry-where; … More Go and tell it

Hush and Rest!

Tonight I listened to an 89-year-old Iraqi woman sing a Christmas hymn in Arabic, as her son played the guitar. He’s one of the many students my husband taught and mentored over the years, and I am grateful when I catch such beautiful glimpses of their lives via Facebook. It made me realize that before … More Hush and Rest!

A moment of peace

One of my favorite stories of the impact of Silent Night, Holy Night* is when British and German soldiers stopped their fighting during World War I to sing this song into the night air. It did not stop the war, but it did provide a moment of peace in an otherwise deadly conflict. In churches today, … More A moment of peace

Come on, Ya’ll!

Some Christmas carols are very formal and even hard to sing, and yet we must, because they are part of our heritage and traditions. We also sing them because they are reflections of our love for Jesus and give witness to who he is. O Come, All Ye Faithful* will always be one of my … More Come on, Ya’ll!

Why the angels sing

I wish I had the memory my father had. He could remember just about every sermon he heard…quote the date, the speaker, the main points. I didn’t inherit that gift. I regret this especially, when it comes to things my late husband said, for he had such wisdom and insight from the Lord. But there … More Why the angels sing