Comfort Zones

Being in a confined space for ten days with a group of forty people from different nationalities and backgrounds is a prime opportunity for learning. A recent vacation to Italy provided such a chance, as I sat on a bus and walked the sites with a group of strangers. The first few days are quiet, … More Comfort Zones

The Journal

If there is any one thing I can advise a believer in Christ, it is to keep a prayer journal. I’ve known Jesus for over forty-five years now, and have kept journals since my earliest days in faith. They’ve been through school with me, around the world with me, through grief with me. They come … More The Journal

Sore Feet

I thought I was prepared. I’d been walking most every day, not just to lose weight (which I didn’t) but to make sure my stamina was up for what I knew lay ahead. Vacation. That word does not normally conjure up a need for stamina, but I knew this one would, as we were traveling … More Sore Feet

Jet Lagged

There is something wrong with my vacation planning, when I do not give myself a day of recovery following an overseas flight that arrives late at night. The result is jet lag that hits you mid-afternoon. The problem was, I not only worked a full day but had a board meeting that evening as well. … More Jet Lagged

Whoa or Woe

Not living in a day of horse and buggy, we don’t use the word “whoa” very much, though I have been forced to use it with a runaway child from time to time. “Whoa, there, son. You’re going a bit fast.” Whoa is a call to slow down, take heed, be careful. Just when you’re … More Whoa or Woe

Futile Faith

Faith is a popular word these days, and people aren’t afraid to use it. From actors to politicians to religious leaders, they have faith, and they’re proud of it. But what does it mean? You’re told to believe in yourself or even that God believes in you. You have faith in the American dream. You … More Futile Faith

Not guilty

I walked into a room of strangers tonight, alone, a bit uncertain if I was comfortable with even being there, yet it was an opportunity to stop the noise of the week and focus on the most important of events this world has known — the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The words are so familiar, … More Not guilty